She had had a tiring day

Nothing had gone her way.

Her breakfast got burnt

She was running late, she learnt.

Her mistress’ mood was crummy

Terribly sour and grumpy.

She spoilt her lady’s work dress

Cooked up a guacamole mess.


On her way home, she tripped

And cut the top of her lip.

When she entered her home

She felt might alone.

Then she cast her eyes on

Her little one, hair undone.

She put her angel in her little tub

Soaped her. Bubbly was this little cub.

As she watched her mermaid

Flail her little ‘tail’,

Her day’s sorrows dissipated

She slept well. Loved. Sated.


What do you think?


Written by Natasha Sequeira

PP Pioneer

Mermaid by Chance

Lady Love in abyss