To Scarlett, Rhet Butler and Ashley 

And to Nanny, who tightened Scarlett’s corset

To the likes of Gerald O’ Hara, and his many pale-skinned

Daughters, who were flooded with beaus.

To plantations, picnics, belles and notoriety that’s faded.

How can these  have possibly Gone With Wind?


Are the draughts of wind so harsh 

That Howard Roark and Dominique’s 

Courage flails?   How else can Elseworth Tooheys  

And Gail Wynands live, while they fail today.

Ah where are Heathcliff and Catherine? They like many others

Seem to disappear in the mists of Wuthering Heights.


Today I can only see an Inferno

A smoldering flame of cities

Monstrously swallowing up people alive.

In the midst of towers, I stand.

But is there a locale Far From the Madding Crowd,

Where I can escape the cycle of death and life?


I wait to be led to the idyllic

Bridge of San Luis Rey. But that is a dream,

Whilst sniffing pages, I’ve realised

Death must meet life, the living shall part

And the dead shall greet them opened armed, 

As they cross the bridge of life.


© Mumtaz. N Khorakiwala

( Batool Idrish Siamwala)

Picture Courtesy: James Forbes


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  1. Thank you Sonali, Anuradha and Moonmoon. I enjoyed revisiting each book, in fact I’ve missed out a myriad characters who live in my imagination: thought of Ralph de Bricassart and Meggie from The Thornbirds, Mrs Malaprop, and authors who touch our cores with their narratives.

    • The first verse describes characters from Gone With the Wind, notoriety of Scarlett and Rhet Butler : especial references point at Southern America Confederate States, prior to Civil war.

      The second verse gives a gist of Ayn Rand’s Fountain Head, idealism and warring forces in societies: Toohey and Gail Wynand who use media to propogate their ideology.
      Then comes Emily Bronte’ s famous anti heroic characters: Heathcliff and Cathy, whose love is beyond understanding of civilised society.
      Hardy’ Far from the Madding Crowd refers to the idyllic escape we seek from cityscapes which are like towering Inferno.
      Last not the least, is ability of books to create fictional bridges that lead us into imaginary realms, and to comprehend greater truths unfathomable at times. Here the implications are towards death as the ultimate truth , where hatred can no more burn the soul. The Bridge of San Luis Rey speaks of the these mysteries that are an integral part of life.
      Sarita do forgive me if if missed on something by mistake.

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