Blueberry Woman


Let them all turn blue

For  once, she’d all mighty Gods shew

 With her awakening -all myths,

 Legends and folk tales- would die.

These till now did rule and preside

From whence women emerged weak 

 And in shame  tipped down a biased scale…

None would cower, from a striated life.


Helen held hands with Penelope,

Calling onto Sappho, Medusa, Dido and Cleopatra

Ladies deemed to have witchery in their eyes

Sat side by side, weaving a new myth

For the woman of today…

Lady be wise,  Lady be kind.

Lady never let anyone your eyes blind.


Lady be courageous. Lady be curious.

Lady be gentle, yet stern

Lady say no to blame, and shame.

Shed layers of humiliation, times have

embedded; your psyche  well-arm

No arrows of untruth dare rip bits of you away.

No symbols of temptation, from now

Dare hold your steady gaze under sway.


With Demeter and Prosperine

 Return sure as spring

Chirping messages of sisterhood

A fistful of blueberries hold tight,

Brambles might rip your clothes, no spindle 

Dare tear the fabric of your core.

Blueberry lady be courageous.

Look how your tongue trails across your lips!

Licking the last trace of blue berries.

A child of the wild, you can’t be tamed

By gaze, glare or hushed restraint.


© Mumtaz N Khorakiwala 

(Batool Idrish Siamwala)



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Written by Mumtaz N K

Trainer, reader, littérateur  & wayfarer...many selves wrapped in one physicality

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