Tonight, the colour is blue.

My blue saree that once sent tingles down your spine-

Like a first kiss, when I wore it every time-

It’s haunting me : Tonight,the pain is true.

Tonight, the rain is overdue.

I’ve been holding back this torrent for long,

But the pregnant clouds tonight don’t seem as stubborn,

Tonight the squall of memories will get through.

Tonight, my feelings are blue.

Our favorite songs that I had stopped listening to-

I’m playing in my head to remind myself of you,

Tonight, I want to dig the old wound anew.

Tonight, I’m having a rendezvous-

Memories of your sojourn with me and I –

Just us, insignificant under the vast night sky,

Tonight, I wish some stars were shooting through.

Tonight, it’s time to bid adieu.

Your crooked smile that once won me over,

I saw it again and your gaze of a lover,

As you looked at her : Tonight, my loss is true.

Tonight, the town’s painted blue.

My proud heart that couldn’t ask you to stay,

Heavy with regrets and love unspoken yet-

It’s crushing me : Tonight, my love is true.


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Written by Sanjukta Ghoshal

A wallflower that likes her own little nook,

Has her head in the clouds, or often in books,

She has a day-job for a living, but she writes to live,

A recluse, but she's a good friend, if you could just believe!

Ps. When she's not scribbling, she likes to paint or cook.

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