Before She Dies

I was in school when I saw this girl

Beautiful and Brimful

Full Of loved ones

But there was something in here eyes

She was in a trap of lies

Everybody thought of her as the popular kid

Who’s loved by all and they were jealous

Wanted to be like

Because they thought she was perfect

But I saw something that was different

She was pretty , the school’s sweetheart

Good grades, funny and whatever you ask

She was nice to everyone

The girl who would have regrets

Immediately after an anger blast

She was the girl who’d believe in you

Even if you never did

But you know expectations kills

She had them all

Her eyes were so small

But nobody even imagined she held so much

Trying to maintain the perfection

But lost her identification

I saw it but she refused to agree

Saying she was just spree in happiness

But her smile hid it all in perfection

Soon I heard her news

She couldn’t make it

Love fades

A suicide kills

A happy place

Of a little girl

Who was brutually raped

I wish she knew a way

Couldn’t survive her unsolved battles

But people being people

Talked after her absence

Saying she wasn’t strong enough

She was just a stupid girl who made a bad decision

She had everything they said

But they never realised not everything matters

I still pray

Hoping she’s in a better place

Waited for a miracle that didn’t happen

She is now in peace

But what about the many others

Who are fighting with their conflicts

Who have complaints but no one to listen

You’re the main character of your story

Don’t take any wrong decision

Don’t fake your expression

You are strong and you have our attention

Be Bold, you don’t have bad intentions

And people should think before making  assumptions

As Before She Dies

Let there be no misconception


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Written by Rupali Manhas

Just A 17 year old girl

Hiding from the real world

But knows how to express her feelings through  words


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