Be The Miracle.

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On coming across a little girl,

Born without hands.

27-year old Prashant Gade

Hit upon a plan.

He quit his Electronics Engineering course,

Fashioned low cost bionic-arms,

‘Inali Foundation’ was thus formed.

The needy were provided arms free of cost,

That was the charm!


Karimul Haque, a tea- garden worker from Bengal,

Lost his mother to a heart attack, no ambulance was on call.

Ever since, he has come to be known as ‘Bike-Ambulance- Dada.’

He has saved thousands of village folks lives,

Rushing them to the hospital, nothing else matters!


In the midst of regular life,

Common folk became shining stars.

If change is what one thirsts after,

Simply ‘Be The Miracle’.

Watch wonders enfold, thereafter.

Pic credit: Inali Foundation via Facebook.


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Written by Natasha Sequeira

PP Pioneer

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