Be like Water!

In frosty wombs stroked by the sun,

Fresh life, awaits its turn

Enlivened by joyous beginnings,

Spurred on by myriad blessings


Be like water

Vaulting forth heavy slopes,

Swirling across jagged stones,

Pirouetting about strange hurdles,

‘tis the dance of gritty souls


Be like water

Lion and sheep; birds, and fish

Humbly bow to quench a wish

Home and hearth floating in blue,

Luminous in heavenly hue


Be like water

From lands faraway, reach tales of antiquity,

a few known or hidden as mystery

Of birth and death, and the interim,

appear as bubbles…. on time’s eternal stream


Be like water

Soft, supple…. resilient,

In flow, gliding and eloquent

Formless, creating patterns striking

ever so prudent, attached to nothing

… Be like water

Photo Credit: Aram Ore


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Written by Soma Bhattacharya

A student of literature, with a decade-long stint in media - I later moved to the dynamic landscape of social and mental health rehabilitation, to fulfil a calling as it were.
Music and poetry are my passions; and very much like my work with people & behaviors – they offer me deep insights into the human experience…of man’s eternal quest to seek, know, and  evolve.  

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