I came across the baboon and I had a great laugh.

But, the writer in me, got awakened and became angry.

So, she forced me to look in-between and read through,

And, finally found peace when she discovered,

That the baboon spirit resides within me too.

Like the baboon, I’m misjudged as a loner with my animated appearance.

I like to be in good company, and am really sociable with real friends,

I can talk in a really low voice when I’m least bothered and exhausted of hypocrisy,

Yet, I can raise my volume to the highest decibel, and surprise even myself,

When my own ones wrong me unabashedly, especially in front of others.

The baboon-like me easily vents out emotions

It requires great courage, in this world, to be emotional

Instead of tempting colours I feel proud to show my real feelings.

Integrity, flexibility, and a dynamic nature are my special weapons,

This world, constantly calling for unexpected adjustments makes me so.

Unlike a baboon, however, I cower from taking up challenges.

Most often I’m just trapped to take on them, and I simply can’t escape.

And then, I slog but somehow I manage to make it to the finishing line.

I’m also not as wild as the baboon; I’d rather shy away from people.

Now that the poetic thirst is quenched,

I rest my case and I go for some other link-ups in the line.

Before I meet you again, I would like to wish you

A Blessed New Year shining with hope and strength.


What do you think?


Written by Amrita Mallik

PP Pioneer

Birds Of A Feather

Broken and Shattered