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As I gazed over my bookshelf,

My eyes fell on a beautiful book,

A small but precious autograph book.


Though the pages had lost their colour,

They still held the fragrance,

Same as they had two decades back.


It seemed like yesterday, that,

We walked through those corridors,

Which witnessed numerous moments.


Love was in the air,

In every nook and corner

And under every branch.


Most of us fell in love,

For the first time.

Be it mutual, or one sided.


We enjoyed under it’s warmth.

Oblivious of the future,

We just lived the moment.


The trees and the benches,

Soaked in our tears,

Of joy and sorrow.


For some, that love entered,

The next phase in life

And they continued to grow together.


For others, that love,

Remained as the first love,

In their lives forever.


Love, a beautiful feeling,

Made our lives colourful

And gave us a reason to smile.


Pic Courtesy : Evie S. on Unsplash

Kirti V


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