An Apology to the year gone by

We have cursed you so many times

Called you names, wished you gone

Felt your stronghold

And woken up choking for breath

In the middle of the night

We have cursed you for our fear gripped mind

For every cough, every sneeze

For the paranoia ringing in empty streets

For the friends we couldn’t meet, the things we couldn’t buy

For the endless chores, and our tired bones

For the lives lost, and livelihoods

For grief tickers settling in on blue screens…

And yet there was so much to have thanked you for

The leaves and flowers that dared to bloom

In the space we uncluttered, none too soon

For the beauty of clear skies, blue and purple and gold

For the moments slipping past, we could finally hold

For learning to love what is truly ours

For calm, and gratitude and the journey into our souls…


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Written by Amrita Chowdhury

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