Angel and Demon

‘Let the sun rise and shine,

The work pending

Wait for some more time…

Sleep… my dear sleep,

Let your languorous self

Get some rest deep.


Labour not,

Neither let a sweat drop.

In cloy comfort of you zone be.

Can you hear me? Just sleep.’

Whispered Demon iniquitously.


‘Rise and shine…

Call this day mine.

To the fields you must go

Trees for tomorrow you must sow.


Toil, let sweat flow like a river,

Hard work always delivers!

Let not lassitude catch up

With vitality fill your cup;


Tighten up your sinew

Explore the glorious view

Respire the air crisp

Can you hear me?’ Asked the Angel

With vehemence brisk.


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Written by Shirstee Singh

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