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And you say I’m not in harmony

”…but what a humiliation when one stood beside me and heard a flute in the distance and I heard nothing, or someone heard the shepherd singing and again I heard nothing, such incidents brought me to the verge of despair,…”

  •         The Heiligenstadt Testament: Ludwig Van Beethoven 

Pounding on the ivory and ebony

Intimately familiar, is each piano key

Unfailingly, it brings sound alive-

The music of the Danube,

The hillocks, hamlets and vales 

And Titans’ fiery wheel

Encircling a muted me.

How nature fused into musical notes

Is one of the greatest mysteries 

And then my deafened ears

Quicken to life teeming 

Around me

 I began to fathom 

The many faces of melancholy.

My pianoforte understands that

Music cocoons me,

A language, conjoined inseparably 

With my psyche 

reminding me,  once again, of my sanity.

Ah, at last I sip at

The springs of tranquility.

I pound no more at doors

Of a listless fate.

No more does the cityscape

Lure me, and now I bid

Vienna, adieu.

Humiliation and apathy!

What else have you to offer me?

In Hieligenstadt, the muse is kinder,

My sketchbook messier

Scribbled, amended and refined

Always in a tearing hurry

As inspiration comes to me.

Music makes me conversant with memory

Woods, silence, storm and nature’s bounty.

My symphonic steam, magically 

Surges out into – cosmic rhythms

And, lo I proffer 

nine-coined symphonies;

a refined ‘Für Elise’,

The Pastoral Symphony, 

Testaments of inherent harmony.


  • Mumtaz N K 



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  1. All I want to say
    Hell yeah!!!
    A new discovery for me is Mumtaz. And I bow down to you. You talk of symphony and how it cocoons you and each of the stanza with its seven lines is in symphony…well thought, well read….a sense of satisfaction prevails..thank you for writing this.
    Will come here again n again to learn n relish.💚💚💚

  2. such a beautiful and poignant topic to write on/. I wasnt familiar with Beethoven’s personal life, his deafness, even. Your poem has inspired me to read more about him. The genius of your poem cannot be described with a few adjectives. I will return to it again and again, to learn something new. Thank you for writing it, Mumtaz.

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