An Ordinary Woman!

Yes, I’m the moon, full, crescent or eclipsed 

I take pride in my cratered yet gleaming beams

Paving my path amidst the perils, guiding the lost travellers through the wilderness 

I’m the woman, just an ordinary woman!


I’m the first rays of daybreak that streams into your soul, in my golden veins, I carry an ineffable happiness  

Be it summer or my mellow winter rays, i make the world smile, fill other’s hearts with bliss

Rest isn’t in my timepiece, for

I’m the woman, just an ordinary woman!


Like a bubbly mountain brook, I traverse the quest of life smiling

Abandoning my birthplace I wander through the unknown soils

Befriending springs, some hot, some cold, hauling other’s load, polishing and smoothing the edges of life

Someday merging into the lavish sea and fading into nothingness, because

I’m the woman, just an ordinary woman!


Somewhere I bloom as a gentle rose, somewhere as the precious orchid, somewhere as a gorgeous tulip, I ornate the lustrous urns, 

somewhere I blush by the roadside tracks and thrive all odds as the daring dandelion

Beautiful and elegant in all forms I soothe the senses of tired eyesp, sread the fragrance of grace and elegance because

I’m the woman, just an ordinary woman! 


High in the dark sky, I glitter, shimmer

The world counts its fate in my varied shapes, i glow and twinkle your  evenings, company you on your solitary nights

I tuck your dreams, fantasies deep inside me, and perish into the unknown realm fulfilling them for

I’m the woman, just an ordinary woman!


Like the fruits are born from the flowers, so do I carry the universe in my womb 

From a bud to a sapling into a flourishing tree, I nurture, protect, maintain the cycle of existence

I treasure the galaxy in my heart, but I ensure the black hole isn’t visible to the world for

I’m the woman, just an ordinary woman!

Pic Courtesy: Artoon Vinoth


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Written by Sonali Ray

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