An Ode to Self!πŸ’š

I know not if I’ll ever meet you but I sure hope to

And if we ever meet, I’d take that journey of childhood again

Holding your tiny fingers we’d stroll on the cobbled memories

Sip the lemonade on a sultry summer noon

Or enjoy the tamarind bites and the chocolate, strawberry creams,

Sitting under the evening sky I’d sing you the galaxy hymn

Where every star has a role to play until it fades away.


Resting on the green carpet we’ll enjoy the soothing breeze

But I’ll prepare you about the storms that these calm winds bring 

The greys may cloud your today and hide the sun even tomorrow

But the golden streak of hope lies beyond that end

Trust, hope and smilingly don that cloak of faith,

We’d smell the fragrant blooms, even pity the withered ones

But always remember, from withered petals, sprouts life again.


A knock on the school door opened floodgates to memories

Bunking class, sharing tiffins and irrelevant chats, giggles

And then the road suddenly turned uphill

Terrors, struggles, battles but I braved them all

For she behind me is tender, fragile and a dreamer, young and small

She trailed my shadow till the alley was safe and happy

Now the blissful Sun shines brilliantly on Her and Me.


I relived the sighs and swells, cherished the bygone moments

But before I bid adieu I’d share few words of knowledge,

She knows nothing of this world, the good, the bad or the worst

But before I leave I would hug her right inhale the fragrance of her innocence

Because never again in this life I could feel her presence

I’d gift her the seed of patience and plant a tree of love and empathy

For life ahead will be tough for her and I can’t see her regretting, like me

So with a gleeful heart, I’d take my final leave

May her life be dabbed in mirth and glee, not even a chad of grief!πŸ’š

*This I wrote to myself. I know it’s impossible to visit the young Me and so through this poem, I want to revisit the lost days and enjoy them.😜


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Written by Sonali Ray

Breathe, Smile, Love, Live!
For Life is a GiftπŸ’š

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