An Infinite Whisper

A fragile dew drop, I gripped the weed,

Through the night, on cold I feed,

My wait, you ended, with your morning ray,

With one touch, I shone as diamonds spray.


My bearing core, lay silent entombed,

Arid earth, kept me barren, alone,

My wait, you ended, with monsoon spree

You soaked me soft, as I sprouted free.


My boundaries caged me, I stayed confined,

Limited my reach, I towed the shore line,

My wait, you ended, with a full moon night,

My waves soared high, to catch your light.


Restrained, unexplored, my depths unseen,

Talents, gifts, lay dormant, lean,

My wait, you ended, with a whisper so soft,

Unfurled my persona, a lotus, well sought.


As I rewind, reflect behind,

Wonder life course, in the hindsight,

Gratitude overwhelms, my inner core,

How that one whisper, opened infinite doors!


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Written by Aradhna Shukla

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