An Ephemeral World

An Ephemeral show, I saw, in a bubble alive,

This moment it showed, in other it died,

Lesson I learnt, to see reflections in lake,

Placid and calm, my dreams, true I can make.


Ephemeral visions, the moon phases show,

Waxing today, then waning low,

Lesson I learnt, by following the Sun,

Habitually shining, with no mood or tantrum. 


Lessons many, I learned from the flame,

To stay aglow, with a lasting name,

Light I must fuel, day and night 

Burn my wax, to not be an ephemeral sight.


Ephemeral lies and visions abound,

Surrounded we are, by fake sight and sound,

Learn to listen to the true, valuable things,

Lasting forever, true happiness they bring. 


What do you think?


Written by Aradhna Shukla

Alway, by thy side…