An Ardent Lover’s Soulful Song

Is she an enchantress from heaven?

I fell for her not once but a thousand times…..

Entranced by the alluring beauty,

I travel to the realms of paradise.


I pen my ardent emotions as an epistle to her in my diary….


My love,


Thy radiant face gleams

like several full moons in the sky,

And I am completely soaked

In that ethereal glow.


Thy long cascading tresses

bounce with the passing zephyr. 

I envy those fragrant jasmines 

that adorn thy hair like bejeweled stars in a dusky sky.


The yards of luscious silk 

draped around thy sinuous curves,

Like a dancer’s feet

pirouettes around thy gentle skin with orchestrated finesse.


The soft words thou utter,

Are a musical ode to my ears.

They bloom a garden of wildflowers 

deep within my swaying heart.


I yearn for thee,

Like the undulating waves of the ocean.

With my soulful song

I seek for a place in thy heart.


I am a commoner and thee, a ravishing woman from the celestial sky,

I can’t offer riches nor promise thee a kingdom

But I shalt offer thee my only throbbing heart, my solemn soul

And a lifetime of passionate love…


Love doth drive me crazy however…


I don’t wish to cage thee with my love.

Rather, I shalt ardently wait hoping you would comprehend my love,

Until one day you choose to willingly bond with me for eternity


– An Ardent Lover



Picture Credit : David Brooke Martin ( Unsplash)


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