Amidst the Din

Enemy lurks, outside my door,

Tightly locked, inventory stored,

I try hard to remain out of sight,

In his vision, I own no might.


Indoors, locked with my family all,

The outside quiet, now inside bawls,

Eerie silence of the stilled roads,

Is contrasted by bedlam indoors.



I raise my eyebrow, command,

Demanding my kids to quell the band,

Amidst happiness of holidays prepone,

I strive and fail to work from home.



I plead to wife, to hush the fuss,

Masalas pounded, and blender crush,

Amidst the babel of TV blare,

I struggle to read, the book I stare.


Amidst the din and noise of house insane,

I hear my wife’s grey strands complain,

Tune my ears, to daughter’s ways,

Listen alert, my Son’s stories, all day.


The silence outside, the lurking lull,

I must thank, as i brood and mull,

The sounds of life, my flesh and blood,

Now I appreciate, as gratitude floods.


What do you think?


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Written by Aradhna Shukla