Amazing Grace

It’s a New Year’s dawn

When it’s time to ring out the OldΒ 

And ring in the New.

It’s time to start the Amazing Race,

Hang on, not the Race

But time to say Amazing Grace.

Yes Grace it is, for keeping us safe

For letting us hold our Loved ones

And for Food on the table

A Roof on our Heads

With moments of Calm and Quiet in between

Some moments of Stress

And a little bit of Happiness.

It’s time to say Amazing Grace

For the Cup of Love overflows

Wisdom seeps in, slowly into our minds

Never will we take Nature’s gifts for granted again.

It’s time to walk the Talk

Sometimes slow and at others fast

Holding hands of those that may need it

Together, we will conquer Defeat

In a Chorus, you hear us Repeat.

Never has a New Year been more Precious

Never have we wished more for Peace, Health and Happiness

Never will we forget the Lessons we have learnt

Amazing Grace we hope He showers, at every Turn.


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Written by Sheetal Ashpalia

Sheetal is an aspiring writer who potters in poetry and discovering more each day! She was coerced into trying her hand out at poetry by friends from the writing community and is thoroughly enjoying this journey...

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