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Amaranthine Love

As ashen clouds enshroud the azure

And rain pours

Plunging drops spear my soul

Wistful blue golden

Glimpses of yore flash

Blind the sun.


Perennial promises

Unspoken vows, a tale untold

Unkempt memoir laid to rest

beneath mossy pebbles.

Moistened with your laugh’s mist

Rill serpentine still


Love amaranthine

Echoes deep in the wilderness

Still has imprints of your footsteps

On my core

Carved initials on beech trunks

Still unblemished

though encrusted with lichens.


Everything still the same

Except me

Torn ‘n lost

Without you withered

Days ‘n dusks febrile

Restless, athirst

Gaze at the clouds,

My brooding eyes

Longing for the deluge

I wish I could tell you

How like the rain you are,


Me a Pied Cuckoo

Can be satiated

Only by You.


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Written by Roodaba Shah

Happiness is within

Please, Let Me Breathe!