Am I or Am I Not A Superwoman?

I’m a superwoman,

Never to appease you,

No matter how you tag,

I’m only a human,

Let not this be a snag.


I’m a superwoman,

You say, and impose chores,

Displaying me as art,

Relishing my act thus,

And, I’d follow your chart.


I’m a superwoman,

Whenever I choose so,

In my way, free and wild,

I exist on my own,

I can be bold or mild.


I’m a superwoman,

I can pay back your dues,

Beware of my mood change,

You can’t detect my move,

Obscure is, thus, my range.

Note: This is a Monchielle poem. It has 4 stanzas. Each has 5 lines. Each line has 6 syllables. The first line remains the same in every stanza. And, Lines 3 and 5 in each stanza rhyme. However, each stanza has separate rhymes.



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Written by Amrita Mallik

PP Pioneer

Teddy's Thoughts.

Flying high, A Superwoman