All Seasons




All seasons

 I do not think of you

when I look at moonlit sky!

I stopped missing you!

Seldom do I cry!


Your name isn’t the warmth

anymore in my winter days.

I locked the spark in the woods

and blocked all the ways!


I do not remember the magic

of our first summer date.

I do not smile at the thought of

the moments intimate!


I have shed all the memories 

Like the golden leaves of fall.

Nothing reminds me of you,

I do not await your call! 


Your face no more blooms

in my dreams – like a mirror maze.

I have forgotten you till death

I erase everyday without a trace!


I stopped relating us

to each poem I read.

The beanstalk will never grow

for I have thrown the seed!



The monsoon spell is heartless

Like you my ladylove

I’m not thinking of you now!

I’m not thinking of you now! 


– Anuradha Sayeenathan


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Written by Anuradha Sayeenathan

Passionate writer

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