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All is Well

I am ok,

I am full,

I loved this,

I will be fine,

We can manage,

This can wait,

It doesn’t pain,

It’s just wonderful and

All is well.


Haven’t we heard these

Haven’t we used these.

These phrases just spread

A wave of cheer around us.

These phrases just bring in

A sense of happiness.

Are these phrases always told

In a real true sense?


Life is woven with beautiful lies.

These lies are white,

But add colours to life.

These lies are sweet,

Unlike the bitter truth,

As they bring a smile and

A sense of contentment

To the people around.

Kirti V

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  1. Thank-you ma’am for shary this. This is really true. But the lies never help it only postpone for time being. At some point we have to face truth.
    A well exploited lie often can help at times wherein we are in control and not the lie controlling us.
    Ma’am just sharing my thoughts.

    • Thank you for reading… Appreciate your thoughts.. Ye it’s true that we will face the truth at some point of time. As said, if it is to do good, nothing wrong in telling a lie. And as you said, we should control it… πŸ’šπŸ’š

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