All I Wish For…

All I wish for on this New Year Morn,

Is for the children of Yemen and all wars, not to look so torn!

Let their measure of health, happiness not rest,

On the size and circumference of their arms

Or some such tests.

All I wish for on this first day of 2021,

Is for the destitute mother to suckle her newborn.

Let her frail but eager body, provide succour for her babe.

She is one of the labourers the Pandemic

Destroyed in it’s wake.

All I wish for on the first day of a brand new 365,

Is the knowledge to discern when someone is hurting inside.

To care deeply and love intrinsically, ev’ry being on Mother Earth.

I cannot change human nature but I can do my best

To fill this world with laughter, mirth.

Pic credits: Jon Tyson



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Written by Natasha Sequeira

PP Pioneer