A Wish

Marmoreal entombed

Embellished with pearls

Love asphyxiated,

When burdened heavily.

Souvenirs amour;

Paling lustre.

Temporal opulence,

Succumbs one by one


Monumental love lore enchanting

never for an untamed heart

Wreathing flowery fantasies

mind mushy

Dreams surreal

Of love that surges

from the depth of the words

Lasts lifetime when

Laid in pages,

Engraved in hearts.

In ink existence eternal,

In between the lines ‘n breaks,

pulsates life.


A love intense, yearning deep

To be a writer’s muse, a desire

I wish

A writer loved me,

Breathe forever in his words,

Alive in his thoughts

Eternity I would touch

In his eloquence,

My silence would echo.

Caresses of his quill feathery,

Scars would vanish,

Wounds would bloom,

posies of rose.

His poesies would adorn me a bride,

Extraordinary tales

He would pen

out of my ordinary life,

A memoir of love

He would put down memories in gold.


What do you think?


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Written by Roodaba Shah


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