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A song unheard..

A song of mine,

No more than a line,

Lies entangled in a

Web of untold thoughts –

Half shrivelled under the weight of memories

That have  sprouted since  you bade me Goodbye.

Perhaps, you never heard it :

For I never sang it, when you were there.

Instead, I let it hang  loosely, in the spaces

Between our words,

Waiting for it to stream forth

On a moonlit night

When the candles would cease to burn.

When you faded away

Into an elusive emptiness  

The goodbye you whispered

Drowned the music in my soul.


What do you think?


Written by Jaya Pillai

A teacher and a learner - both by passion and profession. Music, cooking, reading, writing, traveling and all kind of creative stuff keep me  going . You are not likely to catch me in a crowd. Instead, you might find me taking a walk on semi dark evenings  talking to the stars or thinking

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