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A Skewed Version of Me!

The diary of a young girl 

Has usually stuff about giggles and chocolates 

Barbies and friendship woes

But mine had disgust and physical violence 

My detestation for my step parents 

And convoluted childhood days 

I grew up to be a seasoned hater

And later a rough crocheted adult 

With fragile temperaments and brittle aura

Who was a winner without a soul 

A chassis bereaved of emotions 

A denatured boss without a lead

My degenerative past

screwed up my future 

And my present stayed paralyzed 

As a skewed version of me.

I had ripened to believe in everything 

Except compassion and empathy

Family and reverence 

Relationships and faithfulness!

I believed in everything except LOVE!!
Book title- The diary of a young girl 

Written for #NapoWrimo for the writing prompt – poem with the book title 


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Written by Daisy Bala

I’m a blogger, author and poet who loves nature and derives her musings from the ethereal natural beauty around her. I write in English and Hindi both the languages!

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