A Poet's Journal

Emily Bronte’s Journal

“You have to approach writing like sex: It’s supposed to be enjoyable, not stressful. If you’re trying too hard, everything will turn out awful and your partner ( the reader) won’t be satisfied.”

 Mark Zacchio

 How daily  prompts annoy!

Poetry, should appear magically:

Like  twilight’s fragmented memory,

Or, catnaps  in October sun’s luminosity.

Ah! ‘Tis a writer’s block, I have no clarity.


The pen poised on paper

Leaves no words,

Only an irreparable stain.

The blank sheet ruefully

Smiles, nudging me to write.


But, I’m alarmed at the vastness

of space to be filled.

Words spill out.

Is it the muse,

or my mind at play?


Ink stains; and gashes glare,

Wounding words already penned.

Unborn words freeze.


The blankness that

I have slowly filled,

Mirrors chaos.


Thoughts hover and swoop.

My mind continues to churn.

Creativity has no Midas Touch.


Oh Hell!

Where’s the magical nugget,

The poetic particle?


Is it in the gamut of

Exhausted emotions,

Evoked by lurking suspicion

And petty jealousies?


Is it in verbal foliage?

Metaphors awkwardly strung together,

Like the shades of feuille morte leaves

Curled crisp in October?


Is it in the fleeting thought,

Elusive as chimerical light,

Passing through autumnal trees:

Or, Fall’s fast decaying leaves?


Is it in the nostalgic

Amber- rustic fragrances spilling out

Of crystal jars and phials-

the mystique of feminine perfumeries?


My thoughts curl up

Lazily, Do  most poets

Undergo this degree of torpidity?

I swoon losing out to

Hades’ Oblivion  and drugg’d syncope.


I scan the dreaded page

Suddenly, I’m beyond all physicalities.

Space and time 

Converge, in euphoria,

And poetic ecstasy!


Mumtaz N K



This poem describes the poetic process, the wavering monkey mind and creativity. It is a journal, hence it is likely to be scratched and cut many times until  the poet arrives at the end product in elation.

feuille morte:  autmunal shades, crimson, carmine,  russet, amber, gamboge aurburn etc.

Syncope: faintness can be induced by drugs
PC: Houghton Library, The Harvard Keats Collection.


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