A Mother’s Plea

“O Naïve and innocent son! Fate has cruelly struck you,

My dear! How did this happen? Where and When?

Was it a speeding car that hit your bike?

Or a truck driver blaming a blind spot,

A jaywalker, perhaps, whom you were trying to avoid,

Could it be someone, envious of your success?

I can’t see you suffer my son,

My heart throbs as I stand beside you,

Searching for answers,

Pleading for your eyes to open.”


And he opened his eyes for a few fortunate moments…


“Please forgive me Ma, this one time,

The evil in me had got lured to drugs ,

And trust me Ma, it was just this once,

I promise to never repeat it again.”

And he closed his eyes forever……


Tears gushed out of his mother’s eyes….


“I wish I could rewind time, my son,

It could have been just once,

But it costed you your life,

And you are gone forever………”

Picture : Unsplash

Photographer : Luis Galvez


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