A Mask We Wear

Beneath veneers

Concealed countenances

We mask existence with lustrous lies.

Hold on to bosom pretensions tight

We fake smiles ‘n cover blues with sheer

We dab ‘n blend pallid ego with blush pink

We fix imperfections, morph realities–

Put on false lashes

Silhouette edges

Make eyes look big

To accommodate copious dreams

Compromise truth for specious guile.

In a tunnel close, forever 

We settle with restricted vision.


Charlatan mind concocts 

Chimera of verities

To fit into the narratives,

And part of the guild.

As truth a vestige, worthless,

Unpalatable, unsalable reality.


Whitewashed dark; pale illumination.

Into the mire of lies, slumped

There’s no escape, 

With choked conscience, life exists.


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Written by Roodaba Shah

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