A Majestic Evening

In the mid of the forest, 

Where the Trees kisses the sky, 

The curly branches touch the sky, 

That is the place my soul resides, 

In the Full moon nights , 

when moon shines with its full moon light, 

Brightening the whole earth , 

With its calm soothing yet aesthetic sight, 

The stars twinkle around it, 

To form a magical celestial delight, 

Like a vanilla ice cream with toppings that light, 

My soul just wants to be free , 

Enjoy this magical spree, 

Just then words start to flow, 

My pen, paper and the celestial glow, 

I wish to stay always in this dream land, 

Where heavens resides with twinkling band. 


What do you think?


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Written by Mayank Saxena

Mayank Saxena is a geologist by profession, an explorer by nature and a poet by passion. In his free time he loves penning down his feelings and emotions on paper. His other hobbies are traveling and photography. He has co-authored few other anthologies such as - "Amaranthine", " Raindrops" , "Autumn Diary", and newly launched hindi anthology " Khayalo ki Pathshala". He writes poems proficiently in both Hindi and English. He has displayed his expertise on various writing platforms on social media.

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