A Love Proposal

He winked and feebly waved

from behind the glass panes

the avalanche the soldier had just escaped

‘go home’, mumbled his blue lips.


I didn’t leave him

my love was the warmth

the frost bitten soldier needed

treacherous icy peaks his fogged brain still treaded


I held his hands and back he bounced

from the throes of death, merry as ever

with a twinkle in the eye, he proposed

‘Will you be mine forever?’


He watches now, helpless,

from behind the glass panes

teary eyed, yet blows a French kiss

‘Happy 25, my pretty mistress’.


‘I won’t let you go’ he mumbles

as my body burns and creaks

for every breath, gasp my lungs

deadly is the evil Corona virus


It’s heartbreaking

to watch him break down

the brave soldier-my eternal optimist-cowering

as the virus threatens to take me down.


I long to tousle his salt and pepper hair

to smooth out the frowns on his forehead.

Alas! A reassuring touch I can’t dare

lest I infect him I am afraid.


We extend and clasp our hands

through the sanitized hospital air

across the glass shield we promise

vanquish the virus we will, together.


That has passed, this shall too.


What do you think?


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Written by Seema Taneja

Formerly a teacher of English language, she is now a full-time blogger, writer, and poet. A bi-lingual writer, she writes on social justice, gender issues, women and child rights, economics, and political affairs, in English and Hindi. She contributes to several platforms like Women's Web, Momspresso, The Anonymous Writer and her write-ups have also been published in The Times Of India. Her stories have been featured in several anthologies. She has won many awards for her writing, including the prestigious Orange Flower Award for Writing with Social Impact in Hindi.

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