A Frosty Hymn!

Autumn left behind its crunchy imprint

few scarlet pages decorate the frosty planet

In her diamond-studded gown, the bride shimmered

Decked in a glittering ebony tuxedo the groom admired

Icicles dangled from the Alpine branches

Wreath, Bells, stars, candles illuminated the cottages

The bare woods danced along with the west wind

I relished the celestial nuptial, mesmerised

The chimneys breathed turkeys and croissants

By the French window, I celebrated Β my solitary Christmas jaunts

The milky earth glistened in the luminous Blue Moon

My winter heart waltzed to the nightingale’s lyrical croon

Winter’s butterfly wafted in the fragrant blueberry pie, plum cake breeze

Marigold hearth comforted souls, thawed a few frozen knees

Dressed in designer garments the plummy snowman poses in the lawn

Bidding a warm goodbye to the starlit, flaky night I wait for the mellow Dawn.πŸ’š

Pic Courtesy: pixabay


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