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A Fairy! A tale!

A fairy! A tale!


His coarser made circles around me,

sweeping me off my feet he whispered,

“Bring on thy magical words

my beautiful ladylove!”


The horse strolled amidst the woods,

and the song slipped through my lips,


“I’m the fragrance of a wild rose shrub,

you are the breeze that carries it afar!

I’m the untamed river by the valley,

you make me quench the thirst of plains!


I’m the momentary morning rainbow,

you sprinkle my colours on a century!


I’m the replete spring of words,

you preserve my language in poetry!


I’m the incessant urge to live

and you are my infinite love!”


As he bent down for a passionate kiss

I closed my eyes… or did I open?

With a withering smile, 

I stare the roof! 


“you got him!”- screamed

the augmented dream,


Nightmarish reality 

resonates silence!


Love diaries!















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Written by Anuradha Sayeenathan

Passionate writer


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