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O’ winter, O ’cold, what did you do?

Morphed me into a creature of species new,

You triggered in me reflexes unseen,

Unknown in humans, but in animals seen.


A cold draft blows, through my body lean,

Sending down shivers, passing like current unseen,

Incessantly I chatter like my monkey friend,

Fighting the cold, my teeth, prattle defend.


Dressed in mink and fur coats large,

Under down jackets, XL enlarge,

Bloated and bulky, I waddle through snow,

Trudging around like the wobbly penguins slow.


I laze whole day like my furry friends,

Purr and meow, too cold to stretch and bend,

Hover around the warm kitchen stove,

Like my kitty, I too curl inside my cove.


With layers of snow, blocking my door,

I too hibernate, feasting galore,

Like the friendly squirrel I eat and sleep,

Snugged in my den, I pass the winter deep.


O’ winter force, so brute and strong,

Succumb allegiance, to kingdom Animalia I belong,

Bare uncover my mammalian traits,

Showing animal instincts, embedded innate.


Photo By: Derek Oyen


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