Ode to childhood

There were times of utter joy,  

The only question was how?

Not when or where or what or why,

The only time was now.


If only I kicked hard enough,

I was sure I could really fly,

And bolt through the cloudy fluff,

To rise and touch the sky.


I’d build empires with blocks for bricks,

Ride race cars in boxes of ply,

Fight wars with swords made of sticks,

And it wasn’t a shame to cry.


To hide for hours and never be found,

And  hatch a perfect ploy.

Then chase for miles, silly bugs around,

Of dirt, never be coy.


Days were long and nights were bliss,  

Never too tired to try,

Dad’s warm hugs and mommy’s kiss

Were enough to soothe a sigh.


I’ll fill my mind with that memory

When its time to shut my eye,

And save that ounce of youth in me,

A bit of childhood till I die.



Pic by Robert Collins


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