Journey through the world of books

Every time I open a book,

All I do is read, to get hooked.


I travel to an enchanting world with ecstasy,

Embracing, my wings of fantasy.


Fairytale characters magically appear,

Ta da! Holding a magical wand, I pretend to disappear,


Animals and birds from the fables,

Spiritual figures from parables.


Sometimes stalwarts and leaders from history,

Fascinate me with their autobiographies.


Bang! The Crime and murder stories,

I proudly crack down unsolved mysteries.


Stories about places around the Earth,

Enable ticketless travel with absolute mirth.


These are just a few that I have listed,

One can explore many more if interested.


A lot is possible once we tap our imagination,

With a flick of a finger we can get to our destination.



Picture Credit : Daniel


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Written by Gowri Bhargav


Just because…