Dear Nanna,  

I have a bone to pick with you,

Mom says she was an angel,

I wanna know if its true.


She says that she was stronger

And always way ahead,

But snores before night’s tale is done,

And crashes on the bed!


She always topped her class, she said

And did stuff on her own.

But when I ask my doubts,

She needs to check her phone.


Please tell her how you get

The soup to taste right,

She always makes mine runny,

Then says what’s with my appetite.


Yesterday it so happened,

And Nanna, this I qoute,

The loo’s closed on Sundays, said she,

Though my back teeth were afloat.


You always have an ear for me,

And two soft helping hands.

Wish mom had time to spare, like you,

Then things would be just grand.




What do you think?


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Written by Sai

When thoughts began to rhyme,
And lines found a heartbeat,
I transformed from a dentist to a poet.

Thank Goodness!

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle